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Sterling Heights Algebra Tutors

Algebra, like a lot of subjects at school, has important real-life applications. Unfortunately, Algebra and other branches of Mathematics don’t come easy to many students. That’s why at Troy Tutoring Center, we offer after-school Algebra tutoring sessions for K-12 students of any grade and proficiency level.

Sterling Heights Algebra Tutors a2 300x183We have a team of Sterling Heights Algebra tutors who are equipped with both in-depth knowledge of the subject and well-honed teaching skills. Our one-to-one tutoring sessions are designed to give your child the attention they need so that every activity will be tailored to their specific learning style. We assure you that by the end of our sessions, your child will achieve significant progress much more quickly than what they can get in group or classroom setting.

Whether your child is falling behind in their Algebra lessons and suffering from failing grades, or they are actually academically gifted and want to further advance their Algebra knowledge, our tutors are more than happy to schedule their tutoring sessions as soon as possible. Our tutoring services are also available for students preparing for their upcoming SAT and ACT.

So if you want to help your kid perform better in their Algebra lessons or secure a high SAT or ACT score for better college application results, enroll your child in our one-on-one tutoring sessions and see them not only improve but also develop a deeper love for learning!

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One-To-One Algebra Tutoring

Unlike other learning centers and school-based programs, Troy Tutoring Center facilitates our students’ learning through individualized, one-to-one tutoring sessions.

Sterling Heights Algebra Tutors a4 300x200This system, together with our rotational approach to learning, allows us to maximize the progress of our students by utilizing activities that will best capture the interest of each unique student while improving their retention.

Our Sterling Heights Algebra tutors are trained to assess each learner to determine their current proficiency level and specific learning style. After the initial assessment, we can create a customized lesson plan for your child that will address any of their attentional, behavioral, and learning issues.

Our tailored lesson plans will also help resolve any reason behind your child’s difficulty in understanding Algebra. This is especially important because while many students find it hard to excel in Mathematics, their reasons may vary from one another, which will be difficult to address in a group setting or during traditional classroom sessions.

Comprehensive Algebra Tutoring Sessions

Sterling Heights Algebra Tutors a3 300x169Our team of Sterling Heights Algebra tutors is well-versed in all branches or levels of Algebra. Regardless of which area you want your child to focus on, we can provide appropriately tailored lessons that will enable your kid to excel in their grade level or improve their grades, at the very least.

Here are the specific areas that are included in the coverage of our Algebra tutoring service:

Algebra 1 or Elementary Algebra

The concepts we tackle under elementary Algebra include variables, expressions, equations, equalities, inequalities, algebraic equations, and linear equations, among others.

Algebra 2 or Advanced Algebra

This is the intermediate level of Algebra where your child will learn how to solve higher-level of equations. Mastering this level will help them easily understand other aspects of Algebra, including the following:

  • Equations with inequalities
  • Matrices
  • Solving system of linear equations
  • Graphing of functions and linear equations
  • Conic sections
  • Polynomial Equation
  • Quadratic Functions with inequalities
  • Polynomials and expressions with radicals
  • Sequences and series
  • Rational expressions
  • Trigonometry
  • Discrete mathematics and probability

Abstract Algebra

In this level of Algebra, your child will learn about the different algebraic structures such as fields, groups, modules, rings, lattices, vector spaces, etc. Included in the concepts that will be covered in abstract Algebra are the following:

  • Sets
  • Binary operations
  • Identity element
  • Inverse elements
  • Associativity

Linear Algebra

This branch of algebra is relevant both in applied and pure Mathematics. It mainly deals with linear mappings between vector spaces and is used in almost all areas of Mathematics. Several important topics that your child will learn in linear Algebra include:

  • Linear equations
  • Vector Spaces
  • Relations
  • Matrices and matrix decomposition
  • Relations and Computations

Commutative Algebra

This branch of Algebra studies the commutative rings and their ideals. It has a significant role in modern pure Mathematics as a lot of other areas draw upon commutative algebra in different ways. Included in these areas are the following:

  • Algebraic number theory
  • Polynomial rings
  • Differential topology
  • Invariant theory
  • Order theory
  • General topology

It is important to remember that Algebra, like any other branch of Mathematics, builds upon itself. Your child needs to thoroughly understand one concept before moving on to the next one for them to go through the next topic successfully. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in classroom and group settings.

Many students will be forced to learn about harder topics after getting only a “C” on the previous lesson. However, barely passing on an Algebra test often indicates that the student still doesn’t have a firm grasp of the previous concept and is not yet ready to take on harder topics. Fortunately, our Algebra tutors can effectively address this issue through our one-to-one tutoring sessions.

Algebra Tutors for Gifted Kids

Sterling Heights Algebra Tutors a6 300x200As a reliable tutoring center, it is our goal at Troy Tutoring Center to help as many students as possible in achieving long-term academic success. That’s why aside from catering to students who are having a hard time catching up with or excelling in their classes, we also offer our Algebra tutoring services to gifted kids who wish to improve their Maths proficiency even more.

Like how we adjust to the learning capacity of academically challenged students, our tutors are also fully capable of tailoring our lessons to accommodate your gifted child’s learning pace, thought process, and specific learning style. We will keep them interested with the use of challenging yet mind-enriching activities that will further advance their knowledge in a fun and efficient way.

Through our one-on-one Algebra tutoring service, your gifted child will participate in personalized lesson plans that are far more engaging than the ones used for the general learning of an entire class. They won’t get bored with lessons that seem too easy but would rather reach their full potential by becoming active learners with exceptional study habits.

ACT and SAT Preparation with Accredited Algebra Tutors

Sterling Heights Algebra Tutors a1 300x200If your child is a 12th grader on the way to applying to their dream university, you can help them achieve their desired results by enrolling them in our Algebra tutoring sessions. With our personalized teaching method, your child can address their specific weakness when it comes to Algebra questions and can employ a customized test strategy that will allow them to achieve an overall impressive ACT and SAT score.

More than just refreshing their knowledge of different formulas and algebraic theories, we will help our students understand how the ACT and SAT pose Math questions. This will help them properly interpret the questions and be able to determine the appropriate solution to the problem. We will also help pinpoint the area in Algebra that the student finds more difficult so we can dedicate extra lessons to help them master it.

We will also help your child identify the specific test strategy that fits their goals in terms of scoring results. Whether it is by having better time management, skipping harder questions at the beginning, or other methods, Troy Tutoring Center will customize test practices to help your child prepare for the actual test and secure the score they want.

Reliable Sterling Heights, MI Tutoring Center for K-12 Students

If you need an extra hand in helping your child improve their Algebra proficiency, Troy Tutoring Center can provide the perfect learning environment and match them with a highly skilled and knowledgeable tutor to reach that goal.

Sterling Heights Algebra Tutors a5 300x200Our learning system has been helping students achieve academic success for years now by combining personalized, one-to-one tutoring methods with our rotational approach to learning.

In this system, your child will be given sufficient attention in order to ensure that the lessons fit with their learning style. This also ensures that the student won’t be prematurely introduced to another topic without fully understanding the previous lesson. We will instead provide our students with proper guidance and learning tools so they can better understand each subject and see quick progress while developing healthy study habits at the same time.

We will not only address their weak points when it comes to a particular subject. We’ll also cultivate their overall love for learning, giving them adequate motivation to learn not only Algebra but other subjects as well. Our tutors will customize every activity to properly address your child’s specific attentional, behavioral, or learning issues.

Additionally, Troy Tutoring Center does not only offer Algebra tutoring services, but we also teach the following:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Calculus
  • Geometry
  • English
  • SAT preparation
  • ACT preparation

Free Consultation

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Many times, learning in the classroom and studying on one’s own are not enough for students to have a strong grasp of Algebra or any other branches of Mathematics. This can cause students to fall behind and eventually fail their exams. And if they do pass, they might simply get a “C” and be forced to take on harder topics without fully understanding the previous concept.

On the other hand, gifted kids may find general Algebra lesson in their classroom boring since it caters to the average learning capacity of the entire group. This can cause them to lose interest and probably act up in class.

Either way, our personalized, one-to-one Algebra tutoring sessions can help your child become more interested in Algebra and perform better in school. We’ll assess their current proficiency level and map out a tailored lesson plan based on their learning style, pace, and thought process.

Call Troy Tutoring Center today at (248) 936-6359 for your Free Consultation with a Sterling Heights Algebra Tutor!